Wednesday, December 30, 2015

a hand to hold

Over the holiday break, BC found time to work on the handrail. Apparently his clients don't want him at their places running power tools in the middle of their holiday plans... so he did them over ours.
Installing the railing meant [BC] kerfing into the stair stringer. 
I would say, hacking into the thing that holds up the staircase but either way, you can imagine it must take huge balls to do something like this.  
It was loud (I don't do loud!) and messy but damn he does good work!
"Sweetness, are you going to kill me?" 
"Of course not, Dear. If I was going to kill you I wouldn't be taking photos."
Actually, the last time I had the privilege of watching him install a custom handrail I was pregnant and on bedrest with Beach- I couldn't do anything but watch him.  
This time doesn't seem much different. Despite being able to get up and leave I find myself sitting at the top of the stairs watching him work. 
This is going to take awhile...

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