Friday, January 1, 2016

into the New Year

We celebrated the close of 2015 and the coming new year with a few extra ninjas, some homemade pizza (make your own), and a bucket full of leftover fireworks. 
BC was working late in Park City so Jeff (Sophie's dad) and I ate dinner with the kids. Then rounded up some liquor store beers for ourselves & hung out in relative peace while the girls hit the hot tub. 
Nothing like 3 girls racing across the yard in swimsuits and snow boots to make your neighbors wonder.
Not going lie there was a lot of sugar and craziness going on.
After hot tubbing, the ninjas hit social media.
9:58 PM ninjas piled on the sofa waiting for the ball to drop in New York so they could go light fireworks....
Don't worry they went out at midnight too- brrrrr!- 
We did not. We are old.
And January 1, 2016, waffle breakfast with BC <3

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