Monday, March 21, 2016

2016 level 8 season, a look back

GTC Intrasquad, Salt Lake City, Utah (pre-season, no awards)
Soft Landing, South Jordan, Utah (pre-season, no awards unless you count hot dogs as an award)
 All American, Lindon, Utah  Beach was injured during her floor routine, forced to scratch vault but got back up to compete bars AA 26.95
Lady Luck, Las Vegas, Nevada 
Nursing that injured foot. All Around 36.25 3rd Place
 GTC Rocky Mountain Invitational, Salt Lake City, Utah  
Still injured All Around 36.975 2nd Place
Pike's Peak Colorado Springs, Colorado All Around 37.025 2nd Place
Brestyan's, Las Vegas, Nevada 
She competed super sick! All Around 35.5 7th Place
 Tim Rand, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She loves those post-meet (that sounds awful) hot dogs!
Still sick. All Around 35.8 2nd Place
 Utah State Meet 2016 Salt Lake City, Utah 
Sick and injured (last week in practice she landed a vault on her head pulled a few muscles in her torso & broke a toe falling on a flick-flick off the beam) and worried about sick Baby J 
All Around 36.3 3rd Place & Regional Qualifier
 Beach Ries 12 years old SLC, Utah, my perfect 10! 
From discussions on the parent bench, I often am told that Beach is a kid who never struggles. As her mom I see it differently; she is a kid with an iron drive & a work ethic to back it up. Which makes her struggles nearly invisible. It doesn't mean she doesn't have them. This whole season she has worked either injured (luckily small injuries) or sick. She pushes through with a smile that never seems to lose its shine- even when the tears come. I am so proud of her. She is the coolest kid I know <3 

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