Monday, April 11, 2016

93 Nevada, taking the long way home

Route 93 Nevada
By the time we left Vegas midmorning Saturday I was already super sick but driving in the storm was so beautiful I hardly noticed how bad I was tanking.
Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge, Ash Springs, and Alamo
Caliente, Nevada and the "Warren Jeffs" motel, yikes! We had no idea the history related to this place until the pizza guy clued us in. 
Dumping rain in the desert.
Pioneer Pizza Caliente, Nevada. 
We all agreed it was the best pizza we have ever had! Friendly service and not expensive at all. Even the beer was reasonably priced. 
Pioche, Nevada said to be the "badest" gold & silver mining town of its time. 
The first 75 bodies in the cemetery were murder victims. In fact, the town is tiny and yet it has 2 cemeteries. The whole town is also reportedly haunted. I don't know I would say creepy for sure. 
It was totally overrun with deer too but hardly any people. It was worth going to see especially considering the next services aren't for another 117 miles. 
However because it was late and I was sick we actually spent the night there in the Motherload hotel which was clean, a bit "rustic", mostly caters to bikers. You know that kind of a place. 
It wasn't until the next day that we saw the "as seen on Ghost Adventures" banner on the other hotel. When you have to choose between 2 sketchy looking hotels definitely pick the non-haunted one... 
 And this is where BC got sick too. The following morning he turned up with the same thing I had; fever, chills, congestion, etc. Luckily the kids both seem fine.
We were both feeling so bad we cut the trip short and drove home.

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