Sunday, April 17, 2016


 R & B Farm picked up 4 new turkeys from the discount box over at IFA.  Beach named them Steve. If you have ever raised turkeys you know they really only need one name, if that.
The free range rabbit is still hopping around the farm. IF the cats aren't around he will let you pet him. This morning he let me pull the water bottle out from his old cage and he drank from it while I held it for him.  
This cute pony lives down the street. We are hoping to have him in the backfield for a few days to help us tame the long spring grass.
The greenhouse is packed with seedlings and seed potatoes are in buckets getting a head start. Now all we need to do is turn the beds and decide what is going where.  With the coop gone it opens up some new plots to work.
We also picked up a new rooster from a family out of Utah County. It was sort of a funny little hand off in the parking lot of some Mavrick just off the freeway. Dealing roosters.... He's a bit on the young side but we are crossing our fingers that he will be a good rooster for our flock. 
It was a rough year we went from nearly 30 birds to 8. Hopefully, moving the coop and the new fencing practices will cut our loses to predictors, mostly skunks but feral cats, hawks, dogs, and raccoons can be a problem too.   
A few weeks back we picked up a half dozen new chickens (straight run) and every single one is a hen. That doesn't happen very often. Hense the need to acquire a rooster. 
They are still in a nursery coop with a warming light at night.  By the end of May, we should be able to add them to the main flock.
It is most defiantly spring on the farm. 
More work to be done than hours in the day.

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