Saturday, July 16, 2016

climbing up

On the day the girls went climbing after gym I cried 3 times because I was so overwhelmed and underwhelmed by the people around me.
I left papers of work open, unfinished, & orphaned at the desk.
Left an hour early off my shift, leaving  at 1:00 but clocked out for 12:45 because of the 15 minutes worth of personal calls I juggled when I should have working.
During one such call I told one of my best friends that I was too tired and overwhelmed to pick up the slack, to be the one who steps up for the girls to make it happen but that I was going to anyway because I knew she wouldn’t because that’s not who she is, it’s who I am… and she agreed with me.
On the day the girls went climbing after gym I shelled out money for lunch for 3 kids, money for climbing, money for shoes, and I sat for almost 3 hours feeling like the most un-cool, pathetic female on the planet in my big black work shirt, rolled up jeans, and threadbare keens pretending I didn’t care how big and awkward  I feel in a climbing gym.
On the day the girls went climbing after gym my pity party was interrupted by Captain C, a GTC gym dad. Who quietly entered the climbing gym with his daughter and a few climbing harnesses and began helping any and all of the girls. 
He never once turned down a request for help- never once seemed bothered, bored, or distracted.  An experienced climber he could have just gone off and done his own thing. Instead he stayed with them so he could share his love and knowledge of climbing. Coaching and cheering for them not once was he negative. All his corrections were flawlessly delivered and received. And when ever last girl had climbed themselves silly he packed up and left as quietly as he had come in.

 On the day the girls went climbing after gym I felt lucky to be the one there to see this all go down.  I had a front row seat to a moment large enough to remind me that I am not alone. I have just been looking in the wrong direction. Right in front of me was a shinning example of more than just great parenting. Captain C was remarkable but he's no the only one. There are some truly amazing parents/people/friends in my circle. People who I could learn a lot from. Friends who have already helped to make me a better parent/person and hopefully a better friend. 
On the day the girls went climbing after gym I was reminded that I have always known that the girls are amazing little souls. Watching them outside of practice, the way they work together is priceless. For them, team has no geographical boundary. But the clock is ticking and they are growing-up. Before we know it they will be gone scattered out in the big world like beautiful butterflies.       

 On the day after the girls went climbing after gym, I went in (off the clock) and finished the work I had left undone. And I was grateful for a chance at a new day. Grateful for a better direction to travel. 

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