Thursday, September 22, 2016

transitioning from home to home school

Our favorite ways to transition from home to homeschooling:

1. Reading together. One reason I love this one is it checks off a major daily goal right off the bat "READ EVERY DAY".  We start the day feeling like we have already accomplished something valuable- and we have! Plus when start with reading it really helps to draw our focus away from all the other distractions. It never fails to set the school day off to a great start! 

2. Watching a documentary or listening to a radio program. This one can be a bit tricky because it is often how we end a school day.  But the right program can help us settle into a school day as well as transition out of it. These days tend to be quieter, slower days, often filled with deep study, baking, and lots of art. 

3. Playing games!  Never fails to get Beach going.  She loves playing games.  They usually foster a more dynamic day of learning.  Which translates into a day that includes a game between every subject.

  4. Setting up a "homework table" with a start time. This means setting up her books and supplies on the kitchen table and setting a time that school will start that day.  When it is time to start we put on some music, dish up a small snack, a cup of tea or a glass of lemonade, and hit the books. Typically a school day that starts like this is a short day or a day to finish odds and ends before moving on to new projects. 

5. Taking a walk. Some days we need to walk away and return to transition from home to school.  When this happens it is often because neither of us knows what we want to do with a day or one or the other of us is in a bad mood (happens).  A walk around our neighborhood or local nature preserves is the perfect way to reset and get on the same page.

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