Thursday, December 8, 2016

in solitude, mlb

would you believe this was me
a lifetime ago beside you
skimming the light
chasing the spray

would you believe I didn't know you to be different than me
sisters together
everything I knew
& everything I thought I would ever know in your shadow

would you believe I didn't choose to come to your mountain
the current carried me here
it pushed me canyon to canyon
granite spines rolling back to back

and I wonder in silence if I will find you somewhere between the trees
I wonder in silence if the man staring at me across the lodge thinks I am you

would you believe the older I grow the more we look the same
the greater the divide
the longer the loss
the lower the whispers that tell me you're gone

would you believe I am standing here
returned after keeping a 26-year promise to the baby put in my arms
I did what I said I would do
let the mountain sit in solitude until all the snowman were built

and I let you go off on your own
I let you go and you never came back

of course, you would believe
it was me who never could

"Don't push too hard on me,
I already give you more than I give anyone else."

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