Thursday, December 1, 2016

sine qua non, mlb

what would it take to be there as us
to lean against the whispers
and forget the promises we have already made

would it take snow falling in darkness
one of us collapsing under the defense 
or could the tip of an amber glass be enough to lay us down

which of our devoirs is it that bind us
and which of them serves to hold us apart
left tangled between being everything & nothing to each other

what would happen if I were to slip in the way you do
let light capture the look not meant to be seen
silencing all the tall words spoken between us

would it cast doubt on the sureness of your daylight
bring your arms down from your chest
or would it send you to the back corner of your wall sulking

could one unguarded night skirt the asylum of doubt
push aside the expected hours letting them fall to the floor
making room for a sliver of morning to rest between us

what would it cost us to know

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