Wednesday, June 21, 2017

small spaces

It's the sound of the sidewalk under my feet at night,
The lights on BC's truck,
The softness of storm air.

It's watering in the rain,
Lightening flashing in the corners of the sky,
Dinner on the patio beneath an umbrella of gray clouds,
Creamy dessert in tiny blue bowls.

It's the memory of the weight of a dead cat in my hands,
the most she has ever weighed.

The look of a child's heart.
Careless feet.
Running hoses.

It's peering out over the yard and missing the lake,
missing the kids,
missing the snow.

Summer is a small space,a rabbit hole.
Winter is shamelessly big,the back of a mighty white dragon.

It's the sound of ribbons of blue rising as the rooster struts by.
Today just is what it is.

mlb 6/21/17

summer's first morning on the farm

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

R and B obit, RIP Ladybug

What we figure is that the early morning car accident and the subsequent closing of the intersection around the corner from our house (the detour that almost made me late to work) caused a ton of extra traffic to be funneled down our street... traffic a 12 yr old cat wasn't used to navigating. 

Beach picked Ladybug out from an adoption center right after we moved in here to the farm.  She was a tiny cat and yet she was always the boss.  No matter what stray or feral cat joined our farm she was in charge. Yep, she even out ranked Murder Cat.

Rest in peace, Ladybug.

dinner on the rocks

We could just have another sit down family dinner on a "school" night or we could pack dinner up and take it to the lake.  Meet up with friends camping on the far side. Join them pirate style via boat. 

 Holy high water, batman!

A nice family dinner with a side of rock jumping.

Thanks for letting us crash your camping trip!
The Best way to hold a nice family dinner on a Monday night.

Real Soccer

Thanks for the amazing night, Kristy!