Sunday, January 15, 2017

Lady Luck 2017

A thousand tiny lights shining in the dark...
Lady Luck Invitational 2017 our first travel meet.
South Point Las Vegas, Nevada
A dozen snowy road updates between SLC and the state line as we all made our way south. Our gym brings all our teams, levels 2-10. That is a lot of families making the trek. 
A lot of nervous girls walking around a casino. 
Our levels 8's were up first Friday morning.  You might notice Beach's leg is taped. She pulled a muscle in her calf last week in practice and is in a good deal of pain.

A lot of pain. 
When she shot me this look right before floor (their first advent) I was pretty worried...
Here are her meet stats:
Floor 9.475 1st,
Vault 9.7 1st (meet high score, currently ranked 4th on the top 100 gymnasts 2017),
Bars 8.75 7th,
Beam 8.9 6th (with a fall)
All Around 36.825 2nd.
Vault and Floor
The All Around
The difference between Gym Moms and Trophy Dads...
After the meet, time to kick back and relax.
Check out some other sports going on at the venue.
Enjoy some fine dining.
And then early Saturday morning because the hotel's pool was closed we packed up and slipped out early to find hot water.
Meadow Hot Springs, Utah
Of course where there are dirt roads there are driving lessons. In BC's BIG new truck. YIKES!
Until we meet again.

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