Sunday, February 26, 2017


salt, from a long time ago
mlb 2/26/17

kneel not in his doorway for one more moment
push back from his table with both hands
topple the salt shaker
shatter the now empty "I'm sorry" vase
and spill the remains of his gin

noisily drag the chair out from the corner and across the floor
duck as the bottles begin to fly
grab your jacket & keys
then make for the nearest unlocked door

pause only a second under the weight of your doubt on the bottom step
as he follows you down
hurling words like bricks into the night
his shadow above you acidic and dark

but tonight, clear the sky
kick the prickling shrugs from your path
slam shut the garden gate
breaking down the strangling vines as you go

tonight you can walk out of Gomorrah
and tomorrow you can replace the gin

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