Wednesday, March 22, 2017

mixed media: intro to nutrition

In our house nutrition isn't one of those subjects that we have to single out and teach.  It is part of living. We talk about nutrition a lot. In big ways and in little ways.

As an athlete Beach has already had a good deal of exposure to formal nutrition concepts.  Every summer she attends a Regional gymnastics camp.  The camp includes a nutrition class.

Last year our gym hosted a nutrition lecture that the parents could attend as well so we could hear firsthand the information our girls were getting.  We came away with a nice little recipe booklet and some good rules for fueling before and after workouts- something our head coach takes seriously!

This is one of those I love the freedom of homeschooling moments.  Last week while BC was working away from the house we started a Chemistry Unit.  This week he has been finishing the ceiling work. 

Finding quiet & focused school work hard to do we looked for something else.  And just like that we hit on the topic of food.  Like I said, I don't feel like we need to "teach" it, more like explore it.

Perfect mini unit to squeeze in between now and the last travel meet of the season!

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