Wednesday, March 22, 2017

the light at the end of the tunnel

 I came home last night with a splitting headache.  I walked in dragging all the extra crap out of my car and this is what I saw.  About 7 years ago BC moved the stairs and ripped out the tiny upstairs bedroom.  For 7 years I tried very hard not to say anything about how sad the unfinished walls and ceiling made me.
 It is hard to explain that instead of joy what I felt was more along the lines of more sadness.  For 7 years we could have been had this beautiful view above us.  We have had 3 kids grow up and move out.
Don't get me wrong I am grateful for BC and his abilities.  I am grateful for all the time he has put in so far. What beautiful work he does! And it is here now for us to share and enjoy <3 Of course, there is a lot more to be done...

mixed media: intro to nutrition

In our house nutrition isn't one of those subjects that we have to single out and teach.  It is part of living. We talk about nutrition a lot. In big ways and in little ways.

As an athlete Beach has already had a good deal of exposure to formal nutrition concepts.  Every summer she attends a Regional gymnastics camp.  The camp includes a nutrition class.

Last year our gym hosted a nutrition lecture that the parents could attend as well so we could hear firsthand the information our girls were getting.  We came away with a nice little recipe booklet and some good rules for fueling before and after workouts- something our head coach takes seriously!

This is one of those I love the freedom of homeschooling moments.  Last week while BC was working away from the house we started a Chemistry Unit.  This week he has been finishing the ceiling work. 

Finding quiet & focused school work hard to do we looked for something else.  And just like that we hit on the topic of food.  Like I said, I don't feel like we need to "teach" it, more like explore it.

Perfect mini unit to squeeze in between now and the last travel meet of the season!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Baby J out on the farm

Baby J and her family are moving to Florida at the end of this week.
We are super excited for them to begin a new adventure.
Of course we are going to miss them!!!
When Baby J moves to Florida she might miss us but she won't miss the chickens!