Tuesday, June 30, 2015

deep yellow

 I'm standing in the driveway.  Beach is walking the edges.  
She taps a stick on a rock and asks, "What color is that sound, mom?" 
I turn to look at her; eyes shut, face to the sky. 
Almost as if she believes if she tries hard enough she could do it for me. 
"It's not loud enough for me to see it." 
She tries again striking the trunk of a dry tree. 
 "Sorry, kid." I say, "I can't hear the colors today. " 
Today I can't even see them.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

the top 5 game

"Give me your top five." He says leaning back in his seat across the table from me.

"That's a hard one." I answer looking over his shoulder at the couple seated at the next table.
"You're stalling." He accuses, "Come on, Brown. Top 5 best dates."
I sigh. 
"Number 5, driving out in the desert to find a train, climbing on top of one of the cars, lying a blanket listening to Pink Floyd and eating avocado sandwiches. "

He takes the cigarette from behind his ear using it to point towards the cafe exit. He rises and pulls my chair out for me whispering in my ear, "That guy, I never liked him." 
"You didn't even know him," I object. 
"He was fucker anyway." He says lighting his smoke then exhaling, "And fourth?"
"Beer Fest at Deer Valley, right after I turned 21."
He makes a fake gagging noise. 
"You just don't like the guy," I tell him.
He laughs, "Well considering you divorced him I'd say neither did you."

I pause to glare at him then move on taking his arm as we walk. We both know the reason I moved in so close: I love the smell of fresh smoked cigarettes. 
"Number 3 jumping in a giant bin of saw dust."
He grunts but refrains from complaining because he knows that one was with BC.

"And number 2?" He asks sounding slightly nervous he would miss the cut. 
"There is a 2 way tie for second. Hiking and getting caught in a June snow storm, then stripping down and running naked through the woods.... 

hiking to the Living Room in the dumping rain with a $60 bottle of wine & a pumpkin pie." 
He smiles, "That one was with me."

"So what is number one?" He asks taking my hand, pulling me to the other side of him; 
out of the smoke.

"I don't know. It's somewhere between all of those. Mountains and wild weather, good beer, a small adventure or mishap, some form of nudity & chivalry, and a blanket under the stars."

He pulls me in against his hip. Kisses me on the head. "Okay, best date ever has not happened yet. I'll accept that answer on one condition; when it does, I already think the guys a jerk and you should stop seeing him....unless of course, that jerk is me."