Monday, November 21, 2016

the rescue of Rue

Back in June Beach began building a fence [Farm Strong] to help an abandoned horse. See the young horse, which Beach named Rue, had been left at our neighbor's to "temporarily" pasture.  Nine months later with much pleading for the man to reclaim her or help pay the feed bill, our neighbor turned to us and our big green open pasture for relief.   
At the end of July [If You Build It They Will Come] the horse was moved from our neighbor's field to ours.   
The man did show up a week after the horse was moved here to claim her. BC told him great come get the horse otherwise, we were working on finding a stable situation for her. The man said he would but he never returned. I want to note that we aren't even really sure if he is the horse's true owner. His story of how he got her is a bit questionable.
It took less than a month for her to clear the tall grass from our backfield. So we began purchasing feed for her at $12.50 a bale. 
Soon one of Beach's friends, a retired gymnast, and her mom, joined the rescue Rue team. They began sharing some of the caring and feed for her.

Like all things magical & horse related the Big Guns from Grantsville (who had been monitoring things the whole time) stepped in at the most perfect of moments. Remeber Beach's beloved Latte? <3  

Last weekend, after the Farrier failed to be able to work with Rue the Grantsville team put a plan in motion to take her off to "boarding school" for a few weeks of evaluating and training at their place.  
Rue is so untrained none of us expected her to load as calmly as she did. I was a little worried about the man showing up and causing a scene. But it was business as usual on 10th West, a quiet Sunday afternoon...and a horse in the middle of the street.  
In digital postcards sent our way she already looks happier. Weather permitting we will stop by on Thanksgiving Day to say Hello. 
Her journey is far from over. As you might imagine the legal status of the horse is one of the biggest issues we have to wade through. There is also the question of the quality of her vision. But for now, she is in good hands.  
As for Beach and I, we both miss her grand presence standing out in the field. It's funny but if wasn't for knowing all the good people & the love that went into creating her absence here I would feel pretty alone. You might have to read that sentence twice, but it says what I mean it to say.
I can't thank the Grantsville team enough. 
You guys are the very best!  

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