Thursday, November 3, 2016

grandma julie day and the gym shirt blanket

We call it Grandma Julie day. The day my parents (when they aren't traveling) come and pick Beach up to give me a "day off".  It started when Beach began homeschooling and I think we all believed she would outgrow it by now. Well, all of except for my dad who thought I would grow homeschooling.

What we failed to count in is how amazing and dynamic my mom is. On the days Beach is with my parents... I don't really know how to say this.... it's as if she steps back in time into my own childhood. Back to a home full of sunshine and attention.  

But it's not just a day off from school and chores for her. It's not just a day of getting to eat white bread and ice cream while watching old cartoons. She learns a lot hanging out in the world of my parents.  

Yesterday I sent Beach off with an armload of gym t-shirts and an idea about sewing a blanket. I thought maybe they would get as far as cutting most of them into squares but no, she was returned to me with an upcycled old gym shirt quilt ready for the backing.    

My mom is awesome. 

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