Monday, September 19, 2016

low "tide"

When BC asked again about going to the lake both Beach and I shrugged.  
It looks like summer but it feels like fall... 
"Last chance summer weekend," he said. 
So we baked oatmeal cookies and loaded the cooler with the fixings for a late lunch on the lake: chips, beer, lemonade, crisp apples, thick slices of cheese and turkey. 
 The lake seemed to agree with BC- last chance. 
I have never seen it so low. 
Like a bathtub draining.  
Rings and rings of waterlines dropping lower and lower down the long beaches.
A quiet lake at the end of summer.  
 A mountain of buried treasures and curiosities popping from the ground.
 Sun and a soft wind.
Warm sand and blue water. 
It looks like summer but it feels like fall....

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