Wednesday, August 17, 2016

back to school road trip, Idaho

On Monday the gym scheduled switched back to afternoons workouts for the school year. That meant Monday was officially back to school for us. So of course on the day before, we hit the road for a 4-day road trip through central Idaho. Blackfoot to Challis, Challis to Stanley, Stanely to Smiley Creek (a little back-tracking between the 2), Smiley Creek to Hailey, and Hailey to home.
 First, stop EBR (between Atomic City & Arco, Idaho), 
the world's first nuclear power plant. 
[so creepy]
Beach pushed every button in the control room, possibly in the whole building.

Second stop, camping at Challis Hot Springs right on the Salmon River. Hands down the cleanest, nicest hot springs we have been to.
The next day a visit to a Flourite Mine, Challis, Idaho
Then on to Smiley Creek, Idaho to meet up with Fisher at the lodge he has been living & working at all summer. He hooked us up with a yurt for the next 2 nights.
It was awesome, beautiful, and it was cold! (Loved it!!!) 
It was also VERY smokey from all the summer wildfires.
Fisher was able to join us for a late lunch & a hike up to Fourth of July Lake in the Sawtooth National Forest.
Beach's dream come true a lake brimming with frogs & toads!
 The next day Fisher had to go back to work so we took off for the day. First, we stopped in at the Sawtooth Fish Hatchery Stanley, Idaho
But the big destination of the day was the Yankee Fort Gold Dredge just outside of Stanley, Idaho. 
Followed by a ghost town tour, some rockhounding in the river at Yankee Fork, and some soaking at Sun Beam Hot Springs (Salmon River).
Beach was proud that she dunked in every river we stopped to see.
Amazing trip. Thanks for hooking us up, Fisher! 
Not bad for the first half a week of school.

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