Monday, August 29, 2016

busy, busy, busy

Just like everyone else that we know we've been busy. As a family over the previous 2 weeks, we spent a ton of hours Fall Cleaning and organizing the house. It ended in a yard sale this weekend followed by a huge haul of leftovers carted off to a local thrift store.  
That's BC reading from Hollow City among the yard sale clutter. 
Speaking of BC. He's been busy in the wood shop crafting a pair of custom reclaimed wood coffee tables and a cutting board. All three items are up for sale (ksl classifieds) if you are interested.
Beach has busy creating too. She entered the school year with a project already due: Utah State Fair Photo Entries. It's meant taking a few trips to the local photography store for printing and matting. Here is a preview of 2 of them. She turns them into the photography judges at the end of this week.
There's been lots of family time too. Visits from the Kids with Baby J. Baby's mom LOVES the horse. And more meeting of cousins for the first time. 
This is my mom sitting with one of her childhood friends at a family dinner my parents held over the weekend.
The start of school was good. It feels really great to be back in school <3 Minus the long nearly unfruitful hunt for shrinky-dink paper which of course turned up at a store right under our noses! With the photo entries all ready to turn in we can start planning the next big project. 
 Beach and Sophie got a chance to go to Lagoon on Saturday! 
(Kat, thank you so much for making this possible for them.)
 Closer to the home and to the heart we have been dealing with a dog that is at the tail end of his life. We have had Moses (a full-bred standard poodle) since he was 8 months old. Adopted him from a local shelter after his first home gave him up for being too wild. At 14 years old, his back legs are failing, his sight and hearing are gone, and he walks around seemingly confused most of the time...sigh. 
I spent most of this weekend between the yard sale, late night driving ninjas home from Lagoon, popping in on the Millcreek Farmer's market for corn, and Sunday dinner at my parent's, sleeping. Yep, all this fun and busy and back-to-school kids at the gym using my phone to call home sick last week:c I am a little under the weather myself. I am hoping the next 2 weeks are less busy.

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  1. Looks like you have a nice home and garden. Kids are doing well. The cutting board Colby has made is amazing.