Wednesday, August 10, 2016

the wild one turns 14!

 This week Sophie turned 14 (what the heck?!?!?!). That means we have known Sophie for more than half of her life! For her party, her dad came in after practice and set up a projector right in the gym so the girls could watch the Olympics. Can you see Beach?  Yep, she brought a teddy bear to the party <3!

Of course watching Olympic gymnastics at a gymnastics gym brings in a big crowd.  

By second rotations we had half of summer camp watching. Then when Simone Biles hit the floor to do her routine 2 of our adorable little compulsory teams ditched their afternoon warm-up to join the party. Don't worry as soon as it was over they got back to work.

 Way to rock a GTC birthday party!!! Happy Birthday,  Sophie! We sure <3 you.

(... I can't believe she is 14!!!)

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