Thursday, September 15, 2016

the in school rhythm

We spent Monday cleaning, more sorting/donating, and playing games. No school. Tuesday, we started our school morning early (7AM) watching The Myth of the Minotaur. Followed by anatomy and creative writing. In fact we worked in "school" most of the day. But then on Wednesday, BC took off the morning so we could go hiking as a family. Enjoy the early fall colors and little did we know it when we set off, catch the first snowflakes of the season. 
Thursday (today) it was back to the books...    
Body Systems #1 Anatomy 
(I couldn't find my human paper forms so we used a Snoopy stencil instead)
We finally have our Math workbooks! 
One for Math Theory the other for practice and problem solving. So she did a few pages in both books to get the feel of it. (Hope it's a good fit!)
More reading in our World History book with a few rounds of hangman in between subjects. I like to use words from the day's lessons. Beach likes to use the longest, hardest words she can find!
Around noon I left Beach to work on her own reading and the art projects she is working on using old (I mean really old like 1973!) book illustrations. After lunch we listened to a set of Creepy Pasta stories off YouTube. Then it was off to gym.  
 Tomorrow gym starts a half hour earlier than it does Mon-Thurs. It shortens the day a tiny bit. We don't have anything too big planned. We might hook up with a friend for an art play-date mid morning. Or it might be a good day to do a read-a-thon in the park or even just hang around in the yard.

I'd say it's been a pretty perfect school week. 

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