Sunday, October 30, 2016

old dogs

 I know everyone seeing these photos focuses on the puppies. Everyone except me. I see BC staring at the decision before him. Not which puppy to love but when to put down old Moses.  

I've been saying all summer we are at the end.  
In the last few months death has become unavoidably attached to the dog like a smell. When you see him it is all you can think about.

 Moses is lost inside age. His body and his mind failing him at every turn. 
The choice of when will BC will finally give way follows Moses through his long silent last days. I can only hope the dog is not in too pain. 

Although at times BC acts as if the edge is not as close as it is- we all know.  
Even Little Dog knows. I can't keep her in the yard.  
She slips the fence any chance she gets to go find life that is still living.

When Moses is not wandering in circles confused I find him in the grass laying in the last of the summer sun.  This was something as a younger dog he was never able to do.  It seemed as soon as he was let out he would want back in..  Now he slumbers long with shallow breathes that make you wonder...  

 BC has promised not to make him go through another winter.  
And yet I see no signs of readiness from him to let the old dog go.  

Like I said before these days are a tribute from a man to his dog.  

BC denies that he is picking one of these puppies for himself but from the moment his client's dog pending litter was announce he has been talking about them.  As soon as they were born he began visiting.  

Still, he says we are not getting another dog. 


  1. Awww, it's so hard isn't it. We lost our cat a year ago, and it was really hard. But when the time is right, you just know it's the right thing to do. Hugs xx