Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Rocky Mountain Invitational 2017

I've been busy and the whole not having a working computer, the furnace going out, BC's long absence... I was waiting for a moment that I would be able to find the words to adequately share the 2017 Season Opener The Rocky Mountain Invitational hosted by our gym GTC.  I've been waiting for the feeling of the quiet I felt as I stood alone leaning out over the upper mezzanine railing to wash away. Waiting for the silence in my head to break so I could describe the power of the girls or the warmth of the watching crowds.  But I can't seem to lift the fog to tell the story instead here are the facts:
Beach Ries Level 8 (13 yrs old) vault 9.325 2nd place, bars 9.250 2nd place, beam 9.325 2nd place, floor 9.325 2nd place, All Around 37.225 2nd place.
One interesting fact (if you follow gymnastics) the scores for 1st and 2nd were within tenths of each other.  The girl who took 3rd was 3 whole points below them.
Nice work ladies!
And now the Little Giants head to Las Vegas for Lady Luck. Beach competes on Friday the 13th. Wish her, all her mates, and the other young ladies competing there good luck :)

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