Saturday, January 2, 2016

a house of tiny faces

BC and I have been helping my son, his wife, & baby J find a new apartment... and it's not been easy.   At times it has been really scary.

But late yesterday after weeks of stress and worry Lexi, patient and postive it could be worked out, found them a little place to call home.

It's been strange standing in white tiny spaces beside BC, basements, houses, duplexes, and trying to picture a young family living there.  Driving up and down streets through the snow hunting For Rent signs.  Something off the grid, something minus the red tape & hidden fees that go with the pools and clubhouses.  Something closer to us, safe, and something now.   

The kids have been coming in and out of our house as they tracked down leads; their current lease ends Sunday.  And baby J mashes about pointing. To her, the world is a giant question and she wants answers.

Through all the grown-ups and big our worries Baby J smiles.  This is how I know they are good parents.  She trusts and she pushes.  She stomps through a house she hardly knows with confiendence.  She hugs our dogs and pets the cats with fat heavy hands as her moms whispers, "Gentle, Jessie." to her. 

Today she will run around her new house as we clean and fix things.  Tonight she will sleep. And tomorrow her and her parents will move her HOME.

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