Sunday, January 17, 2016

Lady Luck 2016

South Point Casino and Resort Las Vegas, Nevada

Because the Level 8's competed early on Friday Beach, Sarah (Sophie's mom), and I drove down on Thursday. It is about a 7 hr drive south of SLC. We killed a couple of hours hanging out in Jeff's (Sophie's dad) room waiting for the rest of the GTC staff to roll in so we could check into our own room. Sophie flew in after school arriving just in time for the big team dinner at the Buffet. And a bit of horsing around in the hotel before a good night's sleep. Sadly, the foot is still not great. 
Beach Ries Lady Luck 2016 Level 8
These are the Level's 8's passing the Level 7's at the edge of the arena. Beach and Sage 2 of the best and most eccentric show women on the team facing off.
The Level 8 smallies lined up for the opening salute.
And whatever this was.
Level 8 GTC starting on beam....
Beach warming up Beam.
It was decided because of Beach's injured foot she would take out any double footed landings on beam.  That meant no standing back tuck and no round-off dismount.
Pic above is teammate McKenzie on Beam with Beach's score on the board behind her: 
9.250 (4th)
The GTC family <3
On to Floor!
I was told by the other parents facing Beach when she landed her second tumbling pass she took a huge breath & exhale. And as it turns out it was more than catching her breath or capturing some zen. Despite being taped, she was in a lot of pain.  What a trooper! Floor 9.300 (3rd)  
Coach Lindsay & Big coach D on the sidelines. 
And look who one of the judges was:
Donna, the girls' choreographer. 
Remember this? Yep, that's Donna!
Having Donna there actually made the girls very nervous! But it was fun to watch her judging them, especially the routines she designed. She is a tough judge.
At Vault, Beach's foot hurt too much to land a vault in warm-ups. She keep over or under rotating them but she was able to vault & land one, and just one, for the judges 8.9 (5th)
The final event was Bars 8.8 (7th).
They all looked pretty tired. Travel meets are challenging for everyone.

In the All Around with a 36.250 Beach took 3rd!!! 
And her team placed 3rd with a score of 111.575!
Nice work Little Giants for GTC.
That left us a night for playing.
Early the next day we packed up a full car of girl power, 
adding coach Morgan & Sophie for the long ride home.
That was meet #2 in the middle of 3 meet sandwich! 
Next weekend we compete at home as the host gym. 
Hopefully, Beach's foot will continue to improve.

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