Saturday, January 23, 2016

GTC Rocky Mountain Invitational 2016

Being the host gym means a couple of long days....
Plus the added stress joy of having a kid competing. 
Which all means the staff/coaches, gym moms, & trophy dads of GTC had mulitiple hats to wear and a ton of needs to balance.
The girls too! 
They moved from competitors to cheerleaders to "hired" hands.
Team <3
All smiles at the head table.
A few pep talks on the road through. 
One especially nice one from Judge Pat before beam 
The view from the upper deck. (I love our gym!) 
Waiting on awards
 So how did the kid do? Not bad, not bad at all! Awards with links.
First Place Vault 9.175 
Second Place Bars 9.175
 Second Place Beam 9.35
 Second Place Floor 9.275
Second in the All Around 36.975
First Place Team Level 8 Rocky Mountain Invitational 2016
Our 9's taking First Place too! 
Nice work Little Giants of GTC! 
More smiles, hugs, proud parents, & root beers for everyone! 
Then back to work.
The after hours crew working. 
And more cute team pics of compulsory. 
At the end of meet day 2.5 Sophie's dad rescued Beach & Sophie took them to lunch then off to the Ute's meet. I worked the rest of the afternoon, stayed for take-down, then headed home for a well-deserved run, hot shower, & a beer.
One more meet down! 
And finish~

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