Thursday, November 3, 2016

child of mine

Inside my photo folder on my computer's desktop is a folder titled: child of mine.  As you would expect it contains pics of Beach and her siblings, most of which I have taken.  I am our family's historian.  I am the whole documentary crew chasing after them.  

If you think the older ones got off easier than Beach with less of their life captured on film you'd be wrong.  I have volumes of photo and scrapbooks on them.

Beach, of course, is the one who won't be satisfied with my view being the only one on record of her world. As always she sees things in her own way. This new camera is turning out to be very much like the transition from glasses to contacts.  Suddenly what she has dreamed to be out there, what is possible comes into view.

And the little kid with "bad" eyes shows us a new way to see the world.

  [photos by E. Beach Ries]

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