Monday, April 11, 2016

Regionals 2016

Back to Vegas for the finally meet of the 2016 season!
Back to the South Point Hotel and Casino.
And to 1 & 1/2 days of holding.
Killing time until Beach competed on Friday night.
Ready, set, compete!!!
An amazing amount of her teammates showed up to support her. She was the only one competing on Friday so we figured her mates wouldn't make it but they did. I would guess she had one of the larger cheering sections. Go GTC!
Yep, that is 3 coaches to 1 gymnast. 
Link to FLOOR
The coaches can't talk to the judges so they had to find the vault Beach competes then put up the number that corresponds to the vault and start value.  Because Beach vaulted first her coaches let her put the numbers up.  
Link to VAULT
Payton and Sophie congratulating Beach on her first place vault and an overall great meet. 
Nice way to end a season.
36.875 6th in the All Around. Good work kid!
Time to party and do all those things she couldn't do before a meet.
Then it was time to leave Las Vegas behind.
Until we meet again.

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