Saturday, April 2, 2016

life on a farm

Saturday morning the big moving day. Time to take the chicken coop out of the shadow of the new workshop and move it farther back into the "rough". Creating a little more space between the house & the farm.
But this was no small task.  The whole family had to pitch in.
There was a lot of moving, trimming, carrying, & shoveling to be done....
Even C-Boy & Grandpa Don were called over to help with the heavy lifting. If you count Baby J that would be 4 generations. 
Deconstruction of the adjoining nursery coop.
Moving the covered chicken run into its new space on the other side of the tree swing tree.
Moving and stacking tile roofing.
Then the big move the coop itself! 
Baby J thought Triscuit, the free range rabbit, was the funniest thing she had ever seen. We could hear her laugh all the way across the yard. 
What a glorious noise! So glad she is all better.
We only got the coop project half way done before we had to clean-up and head for the U to see the Lady Utes compete (and win!) in Regionals.  
That means you know where you can find us tomorrow- back at it! 

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