Sunday, September 18, 2016

in the dark

 We went at night.  It was dark and much too crowded... but it was the space he had for her.  After work, after dinner, after a stop to IFA for hay,  a few must take phone calls, and an emergency horse fence repair.
 She had only waited a year to show him: The Clock Tower photo.  The blue ribbon it won hangs in her room beside the rack of gymnastics medals.  In the ribbons place, the photo is framed and matted beside the framed explanation of what makes this wall of photos special.  A selection of last year's winner chosen to travel.
 Of course, she showed him this year's winning photos too.  
Awkwardly and shy, not sure what he would think, not sure what he would say.
He followed her through the crowds and the flashing lights.  
In and out of musty barns. Half emptied and dim.
Past the cages of animals who should have already been sleeping.
Through the salty-sweet smells and the striated night.  
  She showed him the booth she bought her new favorite sweater from. In return for the night tour of her day world, he bought 2 tickets for the big yellow slide.  And she and I climbed the stairs high over the night carrying heavy woolen blankets to ride down on.
 He sat at the bottom waiting for us holding our bags. He even snapped a few photos. 
The Fair at night with him is a very different place.
It's sort of a whole new world.

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  1. I haven't been to the fair for so long. So much fun!!! Beach is so multi-talented - the world is her oyster!! <3