Tuesday, March 7, 2017

traveling team. Ohio part 3.

Killing time before the airport, we took the girls to the North Market.

Then we walked them up to see the Arnold Statue and snap a few photos.
 Team out in the Ohio rain <3
And finally, to the airport for the loooooong flights (& layover) home.
We had to fly from Ohio to NC to catch a flight back west. 
The girls spent the 3 hour layover in NC doing homework together.
That's me on the tiny plane.  The one I almost didn't get on when I saw how small it was.  Good thing Heather was behind me (& coach Lindsay, who doesn't like to fly either) when I turned and started backing away from the door. Heather says, there is a reason she gets on last, lol.
We landed in SLC a little after 11PM (in a much larger plane than the first one)
...and that brings us home <3.

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