Sunday, March 5, 2017

away. and again. Ohio part 1

The traveling part of the travel.
The settling in part.

The meet morning.

The meet.

Vault 3rd
Bars 6th
Beam 1st
Floor 2nd
All Around (or as they say in Ohio, the Over All) 2nd
Team 3rd

Out and about Ohio.

Hunting down dinner on High Street

Taking the girls out on a chilly but short morning stroll back to the venue.

To see the 9's, 10's, 7's and ...
...boy gymnasts!

Beach down there in the corner taking photos of the 9's.

Mid day break for the adults back at the Air B & B
And of course, back again.

Beach out there hard at work taking photos and setting bars for the 7's

Two more days & finals to go!

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