Wednesday, March 22, 2017

the light at the end of the tunnel

 I came home last night with a splitting headache.  I walked in dragging all the extra crap out of my car and this is what I saw.  About 7 years ago BC moved the stairs and ripped out the tiny upstairs bedroom.  For 7 years I tried very hard not to say anything about how sad the unfinished walls and ceiling made me.
 It is hard to explain that instead of joy what I felt was more along the lines of more sadness.  For 7 years we could have been had this beautiful view above us.  We have had 3 kids grow up and move out.
Don't get me wrong I am grateful for BC and his abilities.  I am grateful for all the time he has put in so far. What beautiful work he does! And it is here now for us to share and enjoy <3 Of course, there is a lot more to be done...

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