Sunday, February 21, 2016

43 candles, these are the days

It was a small, very exclusive surprise party. It consisted of me + 4 kids, alone at Sarah's house eating ninja baked yellow cake in her kitchen while the cat dodged marshmallows and half filled water balloons.
I stole a cup of lukewarm coffee and a few pics of life at its most beautiful.
Life colored in with fat crayon colors, waxy and bold.
These are the days they will remember.
This is life; the Sunday morning pajama wearing kind. 
With warm cake and bright lights.
Stolen Christmas bulbs to be precise. 
(They might actually be straight off the neighbor's house.)
And those are water balloons in 'not my' house, on 'not my' carpet....<3 
Thanks, Sarah & Andrew.  Sorry about the dishes in the sink.
Thanks,  Zippo & Nacho, for the cake & the kick ass shirt. 
And thank you, Little Kids. You guys all made my day.

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