Sunday, February 14, 2016

carry on Brestyan's Invitational 2016

We gave her all morning at home to recover but she was sick. I told her I don't care if you compete. I don't care if you do and then fall a million times- as long as you don't get hurt. What I care about is you being happy and okay. And the job today is to move to you to give you the best chance we can.
 So we drove her out of the city covered in fog and into the sun.  
Two moms, one sick kid and 421 miles of road.
Back to Vegas. 
How to rock a hotel room in Vegas with a sick kid...
Beach wasn't the only Little Giant struggling. Sophie was also unsure about whether or not she would be able to compete after her fall from bars in practice. 
The 8's were scheduled to compete the final session Friday night which put them taking the floor for timed warm-ups about 7:30 PM our time.  We were hopeful the full day of holding would give them the time they needed to heal & recover.  
First event started right at Beach's bedtime and by awards it was late.
But even before times warm-ups ended one Little Giant surrendered to illness.
 Then at first rotation B flight on vault (more waiting) Sophie put back on her warm-ups; she was not going to be able to vault.
 For Beach vault warm-ups looked questionable but Big Coach D let her make the call and she vaulted in competition.  The first one she flipped and safety rolled out of the landing.  The 2nd one she nailed 9.250 (4th Place).  
 At bars Sophie warmed up but was in too much pain to compete. 
I am so proud of her she really fought a good fight.
 Beach: 3 technical falls when her feet clipped the low bar in her 2nd giant, lost all momentum, then threw a 3rd giant in order to get her dismount (a big no-no) 8.2 (10th Place).  Smiling and laughing the whole time. Even coach Lindsay passing the parent row flashing the signal of "3 giants" possibly recalling State last year when Beach did 3 flicks (you guessed it that was a no-no too) was laughing about it.
Jeff keeping BC up to date on the ninjas at the Westgate.
 Beach says she thinks she must have wobbled in every single dance move but she never came off and she never stopped smiling.  9.025 (8th place) What a great kid! 
Floor 9.025 (10t Place).  It was good routine performed by a sick, tired kid who just couldn't stop smiling.  
That is how you win the day.  
7th in All-Around with a 35.500
 Beach wasn't alone in her victory Sophie never was able to compete but stood strong for her teammates.  In the end she said it was the hardest meet she has ever had. 
Our Level 8 team took 4th against some amazing team. Nice work Little Giants <3 
Now get the hell to bed! It is SO late.
Then wake up early in the morning for some Kid Time before hitting the road! And more calls home to BC. 
 They have Monday off from gym and 3 weeks to their next meet.
 And finish~

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