Monday, February 8, 2016

pike's peak cup 2016, the rest of the story

Thursday morning in Wyoming.... both sides.

Thursday afternoon into Colorado 
And to the Broadmoor, Colorado Springs.
Early night for the ninjas.
Friday morning, Meet Morning
Level 8's up first on Floor

The pool or at least beside the pool. Trophy dads taking a break in the sun between sessions.

The Broadmoor at night.
Saturday morning, the morning after the meet. 
Late start and a long breakfast off campus: Omelette Parlor
Simple agenda for the day: breakfast, pool, team down time, team dinner, and finals....speaking of finals, GTC's Level 9's (2nd Place team with only 3 girls!!!) rocked it at Finals on Saturday night. Nice work Little Giants of GTC.  
Saturday night after finals, with the girls safely checked into the gymnasts party the gym moms and trophy dads hit the Golden Bee for the parent party.
Goodnight, Broadmoor.

Sunday morning back through Wyoming, both sides.
Sunday afternoon into Utah and home.
Gymnasts, salute. But don't unpack they compete on Friday in Las Vegas.

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