Sunday, May 21, 2017

most beautiful

I don't have the most beautiful photo from yesterday. 
I wasn't *exactly* there to get it.

In the afternoon after a sleepover pick-up from one friend's house, running to another friend's house to get her, a pop in to the toy store, a run through the pet store, gassing at Costco, buying must haves at the Dollar Store, 2 batches of slime, and 1 pan of brownies, Jeff, Sophie's dad, picked the girls up to take them to the park. 

By the time he called me to pick my half of them up it was 5:00 pm.  I found him sitting in the grass watching the girls throwing a Frisbee across a wide green field.  The slackline in the trees, shoes and cell phones in the grass.  The sound of the river splashing in the background. 

The photo I didn't get was there. The girls running under the sun; tank tops and sunglasses. Laughter to the tops of the trees.  A blue sky pregnant with colored kites and lazy white clouds.  A city park full of summer intentions. 

And Jeff and I sitting there together without "season".  No gyms, no judges, no sea of blue leotards and tightly braided buns. 

Some moments you can't capture on film.
Some of them you just have to live and remember in your soul.

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