Friday, May 12, 2017

sticks and stones and broken bones

sticks and stones and broken bones
silver and shining

they swim the black
flecks of light breaking the night

from beneath the blue I watch them
blurry stars bleeding in a watery sky

i imagine falling into the darkness feels like an october lake
diving headfirst into the cold, into the blindness, into the not going back

white clouds like sheep walk the mountains
cresting like cream
breaking like paper
stringing out across the desert as ghosts of the sun

the wind carries words i strain to hear
hazy light, moving shadows, and the smell of sage

we say "there is no time in the desert"
drink beer like water
and call out to each other "i found susan"

in my pockets i carry what we find 
sticks and stones and broken bones

...they swim but they don't know where they are going

mlb 5/12/17

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