Monday, November 16, 2015

blankets for big kids

When Beach popped through the local ER at PCMC to have her finger x-rayed she was given a donated blanket to take home with her.  But it wasn't just any blanket it was one big enough to make a big kid feel like they matter too. 
As soon as Beach found out the blanket was donated and that the larger sizes were hard to come by she hatched a plan to give back.  The next week with help from her grandma she purchased the material and tied 4 (no-sew) twin size blankets. One of them already has a home with a beloved teammate who suffered a knee injury in practice and was sent to PCMC for treatment. 
She is planning to do more, her goal is 30 which we can send directly to the ER at PCMC with a gym mom who is a nurse on staff.        

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