Tuesday, November 3, 2015

what ya bringin' along?

[Homework from Letter One]

Like many families migrating west the Ries family and the Browns, their neighbors traveling west with them had to decide what to take on the journey. Many items could be sold and replaced later but some things would be hard to get out west.  They would need a fair amount of supplies for the long journey across the plains. 

Roll Call:

The Ries Family
Grandfather Ries
Father John
Mother Mary
Son John Jr. 16 yrs
Son Paul 14 yrs
Daughter Emmy 11 yrs
Uncle (the father's brother) Calvin

The Brown Family
Father James
Mother Cathryn
Son, and only child Peter 11 yrs

Because their group is so small for safety the 2 families will travel west in an organized wagon company.  They have 2 large covered wagons, one for each family, and one shared smaller wagon.  

Among Emmy's packing list were the families' small collection of books, blankets, a cast iron stove, cookwares, dishes, food supplies, clothing, garden tools, guns, a clock, a table, and a few chairs. 

The Ries family sold their large herd of livestock, their land, the house with most of the furnishings, china and other expensive items before leaving so they have a good amount of money to use to buy cattle in the Utah Territory.  But they have chosen to bring their milk cow on the journey, a few laying hens, 2 goats, 2 lambs, at least 4 dogs (each time I see her list there are more added), a pregnant cat (okay then), a donkey, a mule, oxen for the wagons, and about 6 horses. Which means the families must ensure they have enough food & clean drinking water for the animals as well as provisions for themselves. Good grazing and clean water are not always a given on the trail west.

Good luck in the crossing and see in the Utah Territory in a few months!

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