Monday, November 2, 2015

Letter One, Moving West

 Congratulations Settlers on reaching the
Great Salt Lake Valley before winter time!!!   

The year ahead of you is 1860. It is going to be very exciting and full of problems to solve.  If you need historical help at any time a copy of Utah, a Journey of Discovery is available to you.  You will also have HELPFUL HINTS FROM AN OLD TIMER to help you navigate life on the western frontier.

First item for Moving West is you need to outline your family.

·        Who are you? Name, age, sex, etc.
·        Who came with you?
·        Where did you travel from and why?
·        Did anyone stay behind? If so why?
·        How did you travel, i.e. with a large group in covered wagons or in a small group on horseback and foot?
·        What are your trade, skills, and education? HELPFUL HINTS FROM AN OLD TIMER:  A person’s sex plays a large role in what trades/education would be open to them.
·        What are the trades or skills of other family members?
·        What is special or unique about your family?
 What supplies and animals did you bring along?
·        Is there anything else you want documented about you or your family?

Once you have provided information about your family your first real task here in the valley will be to select a piece of property. Keep in mind:

·   The needs for shelter, food, and water for all persons and livestock
·        Proximity to natural resources
·        Proximity to other settlers, postal services, general store, barber-surgeon, etc
·        Possible threats both natural and man caused

After you have selected a property you must design and build a cabin, barn, and any other buildings or structures you may need. In order to build successfully there are several things you must account for:

·        The size of structure you will need for your family
·        The structures you will need for your livestock
·        Types of materials available in your region and time frame. HELPFUL HINTS FORM AN OLD TIMER: Got nails and glass?
·        Family budget
·        Good old man power. HELPFUL HINTS FORM AN OLD TIMER: If you attend a church or moved near family you might have more neighborly help around :)


·        How close is too close for a barn/chicken coop?
·        How far is too far?!
·        Always remember the 3 W’s: Water, water, and water
·        Do you know your neighbors?
·        Do you know what you don’t know about the land?

Once again on behalf of the Old Timers we would like to welcome you to the Great Salt Lake Valley! Expect more instructions to come via the Pony Express and the United States Postal Service. 

Until then good luck and get going!

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