Thursday, November 19, 2015

gym notes

Yep, surprise intrasquad yesterday at Gym. The girls were told in practice on Tuesday that one of our favorite judges would be stopping in the next night for an in-house, informal  meet.

I didn't get any pictures although I meant to...I was working the front desk. However, with the help of the other moms, I was able to see all of Beach's routines. Thanks, Ladies <3

You could defiantly see the nerves, but overall it was a rather good showing for the team.

A great confidence builder for Beach. She has been struggling a tiny bit inside her head about a few skills mostly on bean but bars too. Level 8 is a big level!!!

Her beam routine seems so long. I have no idea how I will hold my breath through the whole thing?!?! That's a gym mom thing.

Her bars looked nice, beam was great, floor always so much fun to watch :), & as for "flipping" her vault for the fist time in a competition, how about a 9.4?!?! Like I said, one of our favorite judges, very generous.

Not bad for the start of Season. Vault was the only score she asked the judge for. Big coach D will take the scores and the judges comments and talk to the girls about where they need to be focusing.

So it is official we are in Season, well sort of, hahaha, first meet is a Soft Landing Meet in town on Dec 5th. The real start of Season will be in January.

Nice work Little Giants of GTC!

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  1. Good effort Beach.
    And nice to do it now, when you still have time left to work on stuff.
    You are a few months ahead of us - no meet schedule yet, but I don't think we will start until March (fingers crossed anyway).