Monday, December 26, 2016

without you, mlb

without you
there is less trash to take to the bin
less laundry
less Amy Goodman in the morning pushing the blade 

and no Reggae 
at all- ever

without you
I don't find your truck or your trailer  
parking me out of the driveway
no one drinks the last beer with half-lit apologies
sugar does not collect like dust on the countertops
no wars fought over how the dishwasher is to be loaded
no battles over who should feed the cats 
and who should gather eggs
no half cooked dinners
no apologies for running late - always late

without you
the house is almost kept perfectly clean without effort
the porch free of forgotten socks
the bed made
the towels folded
the coffee just so

but without you
the nights are plain & overcooked like cafeteria food
the chickens are stormy
the cats at war
and the squirrels are mounting a return

without you
I lock the doors- all of them
I ignore the work of building a fire
I talk to myself... in public
I turn on and off lights and tv's but the house always looks asleep
and I walk in the same day 
over and over... and over again
without you.

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