Sunday, December 4, 2016

behind me

I type my question into the google search: 
Do I really need a rest day if I am running & cross-training?

A dozen articles pop-up. I scrolled through the titles until I find one that looks like it will provide the answer I want. I scan the article and leave for a run.

Behind me, roughly 90 miles.  That is 2 weeks worth of work slugging it out everyday between the frozen road and the even colder drone of the treadmill.

Behind me, the mopped up blood of a dog who fell all the way down the stairs this morning. His feeble attempt to save himself by digging his claws into the wood resulting in a twist of mangled toes and caterpillar-like scratches on BC's golden stair treads.

Behind me, a sea of morning muted light. In winter the farm and its artifacts spread through the snow like the wreckage of a downed ship. Chickens bobbing around in cresting waves waiting for grain- and for me to figure out how to unfreeze their water.

Behind me, in the kitchen a 1/2 pot of dying coffee whispering to itself. One spoon tossed in an empty sink. It's shine dulled by the bits of peanut butter that escaped me. And at the back door three cats, fat & feed, searching for a way to get  back in.    

Before me, an empty road.    

" can just do that, you can just walk away?"

Life With Man, mlb
“She is a woman who has burned herself at the stake. Fled all comfort chasing a peace she will not find here in this godless land raped by the sun.  Her demons followed her out into the desert and they dance around in the lamplight. I would suspect by the weight her eyes carry that her truth is far more unsettling than her fiction”

~Abel Manning, Keeper Ranch, September 16

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