Thursday, December 15, 2016


In the valley, it rains and Little Dog refuses to set foot in the yard alone. In the canyons, it snows and I slip off into alone like slipping into my favorite set of blue sheets. 

I snap 2 pics in the parking lot to send BC. Mainly to prove despite being sick and the 4 am wake up to get him to the airport that I did decide to ski. And that I took on the bigger skis. He messages back, "I am glad you are smiling and that it isn't snowing..."
In reality, it was snowing and I have never been good in the powder. An entire mountain blanketed in fresh falling snow one of many details lost to the distance. 

I skied in the haze of gray until lunch. Drove the long canyon down watching the miles peel winter from the trees. 

Left alone & mourning the loss of her companion Little Dog isn't eating or drinking. I took her out with me while I did the afternoon farm chores. She trailed behind looking lost. 

I made myself a turkey sandwich while I wondered how BC's 3-hour layover in Denver went. Before I left for work I gave my sandwich to the dog.

     While fog rests in the valley snow lays down on the mountains.

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