Tuesday, December 6, 2016

beautifully broken

The sky is beautifully broken.  

It splits apart above the coop roof.  One shard deep and steely; it speaks of snow. The other powder blue; it threatens stillness. 

I wonder which of them was the night and which will be the day. But I can't stop too long to think about it because the cat is refusing to let the moment go unspoiled.  

I should have known he was in a hunting mood when he jumped out from behind the bins attaching himself to my leg with his sharp devil teeth.

The dogs trailing behind the first of what will be three treks out to the coop.

Little dog skirts wide. 

Moses stands looking lost in his age. His hind end drooping. His front injured foot lifted hanging sickly. The imbalance increases the speed his body melts towards the frozen dirt.  

The cat rushes the dogs knocking Moses to the ground and sending Little Dog scampering for higher ground. In the commotion, the cat vanishes and I hope it will be the last of his antic. 

Of course, it's not. No sooner than I get a row of scratch out for the birds who refuse to coop he charges through like a drunken bull across a bar top. The chickens erupt. I ignore him as he takes a swipe at me before mounting the fence.

I take my chance to seize him just as his eyes lock on the rabbit who has hopped out of the field to join the chickens. 

"Oh no, you don't. Not my rabbit." I tuck him in under my arm. He hisses and growls. Surrenders to his circumstances by biting me hard on the hand and begins to purr.    

It is all beautifully broken around here. 

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