Friday, April 14, 2017

finishing touches in the R and B farmhouse

A few years ago BC picked up this 3-panel leaded glass off KSL.  He thought he could use it as the glass handrail for the upstairs balcony but after a few changes to the original plan it was too large for the space.   

Last week he called a family planning meeting and asked what the girls thought about him building a track and mounting it over the front bay window.

Each of us had our own reason for saying yes.  BC liked the challenge. I wanted to see the pieces we bought and stored used.  And Beach wanted more "pets"- all be it glass ones.

I am sure it's not for everyone but Beach is over the moon!  I have to admit it is pretty cool.  Defiantly a conversation piece.

One side effect of mounting a giant stained glass feature in the front room is that we need to unload more stuff from the farm because it cuts down on usable space.  Secret second reason I voted for it!

Yesterday Beach and I loaded my car with 8 large trash bags of sheets, blankets, stuffed animals, dishes, and other stuff that we carted off to the local donation center!

Once again, beautiful work, BC!!!

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