Thursday, March 17, 2016

problem solver

This morning Beach was downstairs at the kitchen sliders working on a few more math problems. It wasn't my idea. 

I was upstairs having a bad day and waiting for the kids to call with an update on Baby J's condition. 

It was all her. A kid doing what kids do, wanting to play more of that fun game from yesterday. You know that fun math game with exponents.  

She picked the problems she wanted to do and ignored the ones she thought looked boring.  

When I came down for more coffee she asked me to check them against the answers in the back of the book. 

There was one she simply got wrong. I have no idea what went south because most of her math in her head.  But there were 2 she got wrong because she used the wrong power some number to the power of 4 instead of 3 or something to the power of 5 instead of 4.

She took her mistakes well, which isn't always the case. Then smiling she said, "Well if the answer is wrong, let's just fix the problem." 

And she proceeded to change the powers in the original problem to fit her answers. "Now they are both right."

Yes, I suppose they are.   


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