Sunday, May 1, 2016

okay, so spooky movie night was sPoOkY

After Open Gym, I ended up with 3 ninjas ready to get their scare on. Little did they know that long before the scary movie started they would get a real life fright in the form of an unknown white male on the property. 

I was in the house setting up some snacks and the girls were out in the treehouse when a man rounded the chicken coop clutching a gray pillowcase. He walked under the treehouse heading for the front and the girls lost sight of him.  Not sure if he was hiding somewhere we called BC who instructed us to stay together & call the cops. Oh, my favorite, men who I know have guns...

But the nice police came. They searched all the outbuildings on the property including the attic of the shop, they talked to the girls, & promised to stay nearby until BC got home. Most likely it was a one-time random act. Some guy just cutting through, still not okay to do, but harmless, that is unless he tries it again when BC is home. BC was pretty pissed.   

So on to the movie: The Sixth Sense (thanks for the loan coach Morgan!)

After that, we couldn't pay the girls to sleep downstairs so they stayed piled up on the floor together. Apparently even the dog was too afraid to sleep alone. This was the scene this morning and what I had to step through to make coffee.


Now, who wants pancakes? 
Check out is 10:30 AM sharp. 

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